Cuts, punching and bending items

The factory that DS-Wollenberg delivers from, has more than 20 approved eccentric presses that solves the traditionel and costly cutting, punching, bending, riveting, embossing and assembly tasks.

DS-Wollenberg’s permanent supplier Promatic Vietnam specializes in cutting, punching and bending, which ensure that the execution is versatile and exactly to the customer’s needs.

DS-Wollenberg has the following available on our production lines:

  • Presser pressure from 5 to 150 tons.
  • Coil stops from 25 to 100 tons.
  • Material thicknesses from 0.50 to 4.00 mm.
  • Maximum bandwidth 300 mm.

DS-Wollenberg has the experience and customer safety in top class, which ensures that the customer is satisfied with the end product and the delivery. Here are some pictures from the production and some items made by DS-Wollenberg.

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