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    DS-Wollenberg ApS performs everything in cutting, punching and bending items, as well as deep pulling and punching.

    DS-Wollenberg ApS supplies metal products at the highest professional level, but at Vietnamese prices (20-50% cheaper than in Denmark). DS-Wollenberg ApS is a Danish company with relations to production in Vietnam. The factory is Danish inspired and is built according to Danish norms and welfare requirements.

    Owner Jimmy Wollenberg has over the past 12 years worked with flaring Danish iron and metal products to Vietnam. DS-Wollenberg ApS therefore delivers Danish quality at Vietnamese prices.

    DS-Wollenberg, in collaboration with the company Promatic Vietnam Co., Ltd, has established a Joint Venture company, which currently has 26 committed and well-qualified employees.

    DS-Wollenberg has more than 1,800 m² of modern facilities with many production and tooling machines, as well as equipment from closed down production companies in Scandinavia and Europe.

    Promatics CEO Tran Manh Tri is a 44-year-old, highly committed metal man from Ho Chi Minh City. Tran Manh Tri has built up extensive experience from production engineering metal jobs in large parts of Asia.

    Tran Manh Tri is the general manager, who, in close cooperation with DS-Wollenberg’s production / quality manager, ensures compliance with customer-specific requirements and the high quality, and keeping the production within the promised delivery date.

    • We offer in close cooperation, moving parts or whole smaller productions from Denmark to our factory in Vietnam.
    • We can, if necessary, expand the production facilities to double size. We can not only offer production items, but also pre-assembled / complete / pre-packed units directly to the shelves / warehouse / store, without expensive repackaging costs.

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